Links: parts and spares

Here's a page of links to websites for parts and spares. I'll be adding to the list from time to time.

Allparts UK Online store for a wide range of spares and retro-fit bits.
Amps-n-Bits Vintage British valve amps, tubes, speakers, cabs, tape echos, etc. 95% of the stock is vintage or used.
Andy Perkins Traditional Instruments Banjos and other traditional instruments. based in Faversham, Kent. Excellent spares service.
Axes R Us Hull-based supplier of (mostly electric) guitar parts. Includes some hard-to-find items.
L.R. Baggs Very high quality acoustic pickups, preamps and amplification. Their M1 Active soundhole pickup is deservedly a bestseller.
Bob Colosi's Custom Guitar saddles Hand-made and high quality. Lots of information about bridge pins, nuts and saddles.
Custom Chrome Customised Engraving and Chrome Plating. Renowned Specialists in work on Scooters, Customised Vehicles & Guitar Scratch Plates. Hmm.
The Decal Shop Custom waterslide transfers for projects and restorations. Good quality and reasonable prices.
EMG pickups Active pickups. I especially like their 7-string and bass humbuckers.
GSR Guitars Custom guitar graphics, decals and artwork - very helpful and excellent prices.
Highly Strung Fast Oxfordshire mail-order service for guitars, fretted instruments and accessories. Specialists in unusual string sets/gauges. Also stocks a full range of Seymour Duncan pickups.
K & K Sound Very high quality acoustic pickups. Their Pure Mini is the best passive bridgeplate transducer pickup I've come across.
Parts is Parts Major source for retro guitar and amp parts.
Pick-up the World Well-regarded range of acoustic transducer pickups for all types of acoustic instruments.
Schertler Schertler pickups, preamps and amplification. Best-known for the BLUESTiCK under-saddle eclectrostatic transducer for acoustic guitar and acoustic bass guitar.
Seymour Duncan The Vintage range has been a favourite of mine since the early 1980s. Seymour's latest venture is the Antiquity and Antiquity II Series of hand wound and aged pickups which produce the genuine sound and vibe of pickups made in the '50s and '60s.
USA Custom Guitars These guys are getting a lot of praise for their custom necks and bodies.
Vintage Jack A Vintage Jack is the only way to fit an endpin jack if you don't want to modify the original tapered endpin hole. Pricey but handmade and very high quality.
Warmoth Guitar Products Custom necks and bodies in a wide range of configurations. Specialists in variable radius fingerboards and custom neck profiles.
WD Music Products Lots of necks, bodies and other guitar parts. especially good on scratchplates. Also check out their US site.
Wizard Pickups Wizard Pickups has evolved from the UK's leading pickup repair and restoration service, and now also offers a wide range of replacement pickups. Good quality and an excellent service.